Bed & Breakfast De Jongens in Rockanje

Bed & Breakfast ‘De Jongens’ in Rockanje is a brand-new establishment where luxury and hospitality always come first. Here, you’ll be welcomed by an enthusiastic team that will cater to your every whim: a delicious lunch, an evening of fine dining and a good night’s sleep on a premium box spring mattress. These are from COCO-MAT natural beds and you can choose on which type of pillow you want to dream away. There are different pillows in every room.

The next morning, a savoury breakfast will await you to ensure you have plenty of energy to face the new day.

What kinds of activities are available near De Jongens?
There’s plenty to do in the area surrounding the coastal town of Rockanje. In the summer, for instance, you can enjoy Rockanje’s beautiful beach and its seaside restaurants. You’ll also find more than enough activities to choose from in the surrounding area, such as in the towns of Oostvoorne, Hellevoetsluis and a place that’s quite important in Dutch history: the fortified town of Brill, where the Spanish general Alva suffered a defeat at the hands of the Dutch Protestant rebels during the Eighty Years’ War. The B&B is in the province of South Holland but lies practically on the border with Zeeland, which is home to the sunniest point in the Netherlands. De Jongens is a can’t-miss location for a good time on holiday!

See what other activities and attractions are nearby – and be sure to watch the video clip below.